Metrowest Immigrant Solidarity Network

We, the undersigned of the Metrowest area, stand in solidarity with the Metrowest Immigrant Solidarity Network:

1. We are witness to immigration enforcement practices (by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE) that have become increasingly broad and unjust, causing senseless pain to children and spouses, (many of whom are U.S. citizens), neighbors, colleagues, friends, and entire communities. We believe these cruel practices do far more harm than any possible justification of public safety or “enforcing a rule of law” and that they indeed undermine our community safety. We believe these practices to be morally wrong and damaging to the fabric of our society.

2. We call on people of faith and others of good will, to join with us in stating that we believe these practices to be profoundly misguided and cannot be reconciled with our values. We call on others to join us in working to end the policies that bring about the trauma and continue to assist those harmed by these policies. We affirm that we are one community and are called to treat the most vulnerable among us with love and dignity.

The Needham Area Immigration Justice Task Force

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