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Massachusetts Cities Exploring “Sanctuary City” Status

If your town or city is considering becoming a “sanctuary city”, in Massachusetts you are not alone in this pursuit.  Since the presidential election more than a half-dozen towns and cities have already voted on the matter. "Once the new administration took office, we saw this trend where a lot of cities and towns wanted [...]

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Gubernatorial Candidate Supports Sanctuary

Jay Gonzalez, a Needham Democrat, announced he will run for governor next year. Admirably, he has started his campaign by emphasizing diversity and sanctuary, including support for the Safe Communities Act. From his recent interview with the Needham Times: "I’m convinced that fear about different people, differences among people, are usually a function of a [...]

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Employer Reports Injured Worker to ICE for Deportation

Pedro Pirez of Tara Construction Do employers now feel that they have free reign to abuse and steal wages from undocumented workers? It appears that may now be the case. Jose Flores, a thirty-seven year old immigrant from Honduras, was working for Tara Construction, when his leg was broken on a job site. [...]

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