>> Our next meeting will be held IN PERSON at the Congregational Church on June 10th.  We will start at 7:30 and conclude at 8:45.  
    >> We will be voting for the leadership for 2024-25 and discuss the results of the May 20th meeting.  Free parking is available in the Post Office lot,  on Linden Street and behind the church.  I’ll send an email on Monday as to which room we will be meeting.  We will continue discussing plans for next year.
              >> Please see the attached poster for the Suitcase Stories event which will be held at Wellesley College.  Please circulate the information to your friends. And most  of all, please, sign up for tickets.


On May 21, Forbes published an article entitled, “Immigrant Contributions Fuel Economic Prosperity: A Vital Pillar Of Entrepreneurship And Talent”. This is one of a series of articles the national press has published in the past few months that highlights the benefits of immigrants assisting to grow the US Economy. It might be well to consider writing to the MA delegation. about this trend.

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Great news! More immigrant children in Massachusetts eligible for Child Tax Credit! 

The Mass. Department of Revenue will now issue temporary tax identification numbers for undocumented children who cannot obtain Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) 

but are eligible for the Massachusetts Child and Family Tax Credit. 

·       Previously, undocumented children faced challenges receiving the credit because the IRS would not issue ITINs solely for state benefits. Thanks to DOR’s decision, these children can now access the financial support they deserve.

·       The change means every child under 13 and some disabled dependents/spouses who were residents of Massachusetts in 2023 are eligible for this credit of $310 per person.  

·       There is no income requirement, and a Social Security number is not necessary. Parents/guardians of eligible children must file a Massachusetts tax return to claim the credit. 

·       For more details on the Child and Family Tax Credit, please visit:  Informational flier in English, 

Spanish and Haitian Creole here.

A FINAL WORD:This will be my final issue of FROM THE CHAIR.  Starting on July 1st, we will have new leadership in place to carry on the work started by Clark Taylor almost 20 years ago.I thank all of you for your dedication and endless hours you expended with one goal in mind – to help the immigrants in our midst.  I will not provide a list of those names, becauseI know I will miss many of you who assisted me during the seven years I tried to emulate Clark’s leadership.  I have no doubt the new leadership will bring fresh ideas and fresh energy.With your continued support, the Task Force will continue to move forward.

It has truly been an honor and privilege to chair the Task Force.

Thank you all, again.
With gratitude and thanks,
Gerry Rovner