TASK FORCE INFORMATION:>> TIME SENSITIVE:  I would like to invite an expert to discuss President Biden’s asylum plan that has generated widespread condemnation in the immigration community of both practitioners and those seeking asylum.  The event would be via Zoom at our April 10th meeting, However I will only do so if I receive a significant number of those who would plan to participate.  Thus, please send me an email expressing your interest, before I reach out to a guest speaker. 

>> DON’T FORGET:   Needham’s First Multicultural Festival                                       Sunday, March 19, 1:00 – 5:00 pmThis event will highlight multiculturalism in the town and provide an opportunity to increase the participation of all diverse groups of people in the community, along with respect for, and exploration of, our neighbors’ cultural differences. Sponsored by the Needham Human Rights Committee & Needham Diversity Initiative along with numerous community partners. For more information or to receive a yard sign, please email here for coordinator Rinaz Mala.
>> Our next Zoom meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Monday evening March 13th.ADMINISTRATION NEWS>>DHS and DOJ proposed rule which would establish a rebuttable presumption of asylum ineligibility for certain noncitizens who enter at the southwest border without documentation and traveled through a country that is a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention or its 1967 Protocol. For an explanation see the attachment entitled “How to Seek Asylum”
>> More bad news:  NBC News has reported that” the Administration is considering restarting the controversial policy that detains migrants who enter the country illegally with their children, two sources familiar with the planning confirmed.” See:https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/biden-administration-considering-restarting-family-detention-migrants-rcna73695

NATIONAL NEWS:>> The New York Times reports that there has been a recent wave of immigrants who have been leaving the United States and returning to their countries of origin in recent years, often after spending most of their lives toiling as undocumented workers. Many are making a reverse migration, including Mexicans in particular, who started a gradual return more than a decade ago, with improvements in the Mexican economy and shrinking job opportunities in the United States during the last recession.
>> Axios reports on President Biden’s use of humanitarian parole. AILA Senior Director of Government Relations Greg Chen noted that parole, while an important mechanism, must “be viewed as a temporary measure,” which puts the pressure back on Congress to pass lasting legal reforms. SEE:   https://www.axios.com/2023/01/05/biden-border-policy-humanitarian-parole>> In its latest newsletter, MIRA noted the following “important information”   “In response to last week’s announcement by the Biden Administration of a potential new asylum ban, a coalition of advocacy organizations  and CBOs from across the nation have launched a new website and campaign, noasylumban.us. Members of the public who want to add their voice to  oppose this dangerous proposed asylum ban can add a public comment via NoAsylumBan.US, and urge the Administration instead to pursue real legal pathways that would allow individuals and families to seek safety while relieving pressure off the border.”
>> The American Immigration Council posted the following dealing with the Customs and Border Protection phone app  “CBP One” that is to be used to apply for an appointment to file an application for asylum in the US: “… shows how CBP One developed from a tool to schedule cargo inspections to the main method by which people can access asylum. The documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, also track how certain CBP One capabilities expanded, like the requirement that users submit a photograph to access certain features in the app. The agency has failed to adequately inform users and the public about CBP One’s functions. The records produced by CBP so far suggest that certain functions of the app had been available long before CBP updated its website or the Privacy Impact Assessment, a dense government document about the app that provides the most information about the app’s capabilities and requirements. CBP One’s rollout for processing individuals seeking asylum has been widely criticized. Among other issues, the app has difficulty capturing people’s photos, frequently rejecting photos of people with  darker skin tones. Vulnerable populations also have had difficulties using the app because they lack access to Wi-Fi, have challenges scheduling appointments using the app, and because of the app’s consistent technical glitches. CBP has not produced documents demonstrating whether it considered these issues prior to expanding CBP One’s use.” Read more: Government Documents Reveal Information about the Development of the CBP One AppLOCAL REQUESTS:

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