Our next meeting is this Monday evening, Dec 11, on Zoom, starting at 7:30pm.  Here is the address to join the meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88025994668?pwd=R0V3VklGV0lTeUVEdFZmRHIrL1k5UT09

The draft agenda for the Dec 11th meeting and the Minutes from the Nov 11th meeting are attached below.  If you have any item you wish added, please email me before noon on Monday. 

NATIONAL NEWS:>> On November 29, 2023, The Brookings Institute published an article (SEE:  https://www.brookings.edu/articles/new-census-projections-show-immigration-is-essential-to-the-growth-and-vitality-of-a-more-diverse-us-population/  ) based upon a very thorough study of the need for continued immigration, especially since the US has a declining birth rate and an aging population resulting in more deaths.

LOCAL NEWS:.>> WGBH reports ( https://www.wgbh.org/news/local/2023-12-06/despite-new-law-undocumented-immigrants-face-issues-getting-drivers-licenses-in-massachusetts ) that undocumented MA residents are having difficulty obtaining drivers’ licenses despite the law.  Learn why.  You can help:  See the Local Requests following. 

LOCAL REQUESTS:>> MIRA is seeking volunteers to help staff its Immigrant Assistance Services Program.  SEE :https://www.miracoalition.org/our-work/ias/You do not need to be an attorney.

>> CASA is also seeking volunteers for a number of different issues, such as helping applicants obtain birth certificates and other forms of identification.  Contact Diego for more information on how you can help contact Diego Low (diego@MWC-CASA.org ) for more detailed information.Happy Holidays and Stay safeGerry Rovner