Dear Needham Immigrant Justice NetworkWould anyone be available to meet a Casa member at 10:00am at the Dedham District Court on Monday and assist him in navigating a traffic court case?   Omar would be exceedingly grateful not to have to navigate this on his own.  He can get there himself and meet someone a few minutes before the case is scheduled.Many thanks to all for considering this and passing it on in case someone who might able and willing.Folks can call me to coordinate details.Agradezco,

Metrowest Worker Center – Casa
Framingham MA
508 532 0575
617 818 2566 (cell)

TASK FORCE INFORMATION:>> Remember our next meeting will be held on Sept 11th at the Congregational Church, 1154 Great Plain Ave, starting at 7:30PM.  It will be in person only, not on Zoom.  Please send me any item you wish to have included in the agenda no later than noon on August 31.   If you have not RSVP’d please do so. I would like to have an estimate of the number who plan to attend.  If you need a ride to attend the meeting, please email me your name and address and I will publish a list on September 5 seeking volunteers to be willing to pick you up.
PLEASE NOTE:Information about church entry for our first meeting:  While we will generally be using the library at the church for our meetings, for our kick-off meeting we will be using the reception room at the church. Enter via the double doors off the parking lot. Val Kistler will be there to let everyone in and direct you to the meeting room.  If you arrive late and the doors are locked, call Val’s cell phone (339-225-2283) and she will let you in.  If you need to come in via the ramp off of Linden Street, call Val’s cell and she will let you in.  Security at the church is much tighter than when we used to meet there.  No more propping unattended doors open!NATIONAL

NEWS:>> Marketplace published an article titled, “New online platform helps immigrant workers recover stolen wages” that can be found at: .  
>> AXIOS published an article entitled, “McCarthy risks Texas revolt over border funding”. (This position of the right wing Texas delegation is absurd and another reason why Congress is dysfunctional.  If politics is the art of compromise, then these members of congress need a course in how to accomplish legislation that has a modicum of a chance of passage, rather than setting force demands.).
>> ProPublica
 published an article about the dairy industry in Wisconsin, “Wisconsin dairy industry (knowingly)  relies on undocumented immigrants, but won’t let them drive” that can be found at:  Read the article before you have your next cup of coffee or bowl of cereal.
>> In this day and age it is necessary for the Baptist News to publish an article entitled, “ Human rights and advocacy groups call on Congress to stop using white supremacist language.”Read the article at:
>>  MN Public Radio
aired an item entitled, “MN Immigrants, refugees in Minnesota increasingly filling critical direct care jobs.”  (This is another example of the need to amend our antiquated immigration laws as well as how immigrants benefit the U.S.)  Read the item at: >> NewsNation published a list of states granting in-state tuition to undocumented post secondary students.  Go to: to read the article. Yes MA is included!
>> NPR “investigation reveals significant failures at immigrant detention facilities.”  Go to
>>. ICYMI: Those Texans don’t know where the border is!!   Most of the Texas border buoys, installed to deter migrants, are in Mexican territory, study shows, reports NBC News.  Go to: for the story.
>> So, are immigrants a benefit or burden in Iowa?  Seems the following story concludes it’s easy to hold both positions simultaneously,   “Iowa’s Labor Shortage Creates Immigration Dilemma for State Republicans” reported by SEE:

LOCAL NEWS:>> The Boston Herald reported ( )AG Andrea Campbell calls on feds to speed up work authorizations for migrants.  The article is well worth reading.
>> Update:  “Feds send almost $2 million dollars to MA for immigrant housing and and transit”, reported WGBH.  ( )

 LOCAL REQUESTS:>> MIRA is looking for help.  This past spring, MIRA received a grant from the state to an Immigrant Assistance Services Program, which provides limited case management and legal assistance to migrants residing in a number of Emergency Assistance Shelters in MA.  We could us YOUR help! If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer application here.Please contact Kate Froehlich, with any questions.   See Icon below.
>> CASA sent the following appeal:  “Dear Friends,The last 4 weeks have been incredibly difficult. The state has relocated 70 immigrant families -so far-mainly in Framingham, some in Northborough and others in Southborough, all of them in motels, without letting the communities know. So we were completely unprepared for supporting them. The Office of Immigrant and Refugees has relaid on local actors, in MetroWest mostly Diego, since he and Susan Church have work together for many years, then other players have come together, but no one can do this alone. MetroWest Worker Center -CASA, has been feeding people for 4 weeks, others have come to help, but not one agency has taken the lead thus far even with the local government involvement.  CASA has depleted its resources as it awaits the government’s payment for food, interpretation, transportation to hospitals, and a lot of other needs. Please if you feel so inclined go to CASA’s website and make a donation, we need it.  Click on support our work!”  Contact if you can help. 
Looking forward to seeing you in person on September 11th at the Congregational Church,