This email is coming early because of time sensitive items.

>       Jen Muroff sent me a request that you consider contacting our political leaders concerning the incident in Sheriff Hodgson’s Bristol County House of Correct.  Please see the attached “Sheriff Hodgson”.

>       The Congressional Research Service has published a paper on the “Unauthorized Immigrants’ Eligibility for COVID 19 Relief Benefits.  See attached.

>       The AP reported that at least 100 deportees from the US tested positive for the Corona Virus upon return to Guatemala.  The US does NOT test deportees before removing them to their country of citizenship.

>       Cynthia has asked I post this notice from the Needham Public Library and the Diversity Initiative (See attached)

>       The Congressional Research Service has published a paper on April 27, 2020 entitled Entry Restrictions on the Northern and Southern Border SEE: crsreports.congress.gov/product/pdf/LSB/LSB10439 attached

>       MIRA sent the following re SAFE COMMUNITIES  legislation:  Dear Safe Communities Coalition members and allies:The COVID19 pandemic has shifted priorities for state legislators to address critical (and often longstanding) needs. But in the remaining weeks of this session, the lives and health of immigrants need to be foremost on our Legislature’s agenda.The Safe Communities Act is alive and well – with a new extension until June 1.
        We have four weeks to get this bill referred out of committee. The state legislature must pass Safe Communities this year, before formal sessions end this summer.With that in mind, we’re stepping up our advocacy, starting with Immigrants’ Day (Virtually) at the State House, MIRA’s 24th annual day of action, this Thursday from 11am to 12:30pm.
        Please sign up and speak out for the SCA as part of the regional roundtables that start at 11:45am! Participants will also be advocating for a more equitable and inclusive COVID-19 response.
        As you’ve probably seen, immigrant communities are being disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – both in terms of infection rates, and economically, especially as many are shut out from crucial safety-net programs. We are hearing from organizations on the ground that the level of fear in immigrant these communities is so high that it is impeding their already-limited ability to provide services and assistance during this pandemic.Swift movement on Safe Communities is more critical than ever now, both for the powerful message of support and reassurance it will immediately send immigrant constituents, and for the concrete tools it will give advocates who work with these communities – especially those who work with immigrant survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Passing the SCA will say loud and clear that in Massachusetts, seeking help, protections and treatment will not result in deportation.Immigrants can’t wait. Please join us this Thursday to advocate for the SCA!  On behalf of the Steering Committee,Amy GrunderDirector of State Policy and Legislative AffairsMIRA Coalition

Hoping you and your family are all well,

Gerry Rovner