Thanks to Karen and Bev, we are planning on holding the ZOOM monthly meeting.  The date and time are being worked out.  Directions on how to access ZOOM will be sent as well.  If you have any item for the meeting agenda, please email me ASAP.  As you are all aware, the undocumented are unable to collect unemployment benefits ( see article from the Boston Globe).  Thus if you have any organization you wish to support, email me its contact information,  your affiliation and a brief statement of its mission in helping immigrants. Please limit the organization to those helping immigrants.

Updates will be sent once we have a definite date for the Monthly Meeting.


The Needham Community Council seeks cash donations that will be used to purchase food for its FOOD BANK.  Immigration status is irrelevant.  Contact the Council at NOTE Individuals will require an appointment to pick up food.  NO FOOD DONATIONS will be accepted at the Council office. Instead cash is requested so food may be purchased by the staff.

There is an urgent need for BLOOD DONATIONS in Massachusetts.  The Red Cross is taking precautions at its donation sites to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  If you are able to donate blood, please go to the Red Cross donation site and sign up for a time near you – .  The latest messaging from the Red Cross as of 3/28:   With thousands of blood drives cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working hard to open new donation sites. If you don’t see available appointments near you in the near future, please search 7-15 days out. The need for blood is constant – patients need your help.

Cynthia also sent this to me:   Here’s a note regarding the mask and other PPE shortage issue. If you can help by donating some of what you may have or by encouraging someone you know who owns a local business to share some of what they have, you can make a difference. We can’t solve the entire problem, but we can make a difference. In Needham, there is a bin at the Needham Police Department and you can drop off any PPE you may have. Please let others in your networks know.

1.     If you have a supply of masks at home, please consider donating some.  Healthy people should not generally use masks, but for those who are ill or immunocompromised, they are important. You can find locations accepting donations at, Get Us PPE –
2.     If you have a supply of masks, gloves, and other PPE at your place of business, please consider donating. There are so many businesses that use PPE (nail salons, dental offices, painters, construction companies, veterinarians, landscapers, labs, spray foam insulators, mold/asbestos removal, real estate agencies, etc.).  If your business donates supplies, please share a picture with the #wevegotyoucovered2020.  Your community wants to appreciate our business leaders who step up.
3.     If you know someone who is connected to a business that uses PPE, please commit to call, and ask them to donate to a location listed at Get US PPE.


>>.  The undocumented have no means to collect unemployment.  SEE Boston Globe article sent to me by Bill Okerman.

>>.  Attorney Susan Church has started a “Go Fund Me” page for the benefit of the Metro West Workers Center.  She states:
Donations are 100% tax deductible. Low-income immigrant workers will be the most affected by the COVID-19 shutdown.  They are often living on the edge of financial and food security as it is, they work in hotels, restaurants and in housekeeping in large numbers.   Many of these clients are asylum seekers who fled violence and poverty to come here.  My clients, in my experience, are the bravest most dignified people on earth. For them to ask for help is itself a terrible indignity.   For years I have worked with Metrowest Workers center.    They have assisted many families affected by family separation, including many of my clients.  They have assisted asylum seekers find housing, food and shelter.  They advocate on behalf of immigrants all over the Metrowest area and beyond.  The people who volunteer there are amazingly kind, wonderful people.  I have started this campaign to try and help all those most affected by this shutdown, other than the people sickened by it of course.  I donated $500.00 from my family.

I know everyone is scared and hurting now but if you can spare even $10.00,it will buy a family of four canned goods and food they may not otherwise have.  All proceeds go towards food scarcity and housing assistance.  Thank you.” Copy this link into your browser to contribute:
For more information about The Metro West Workers Center see the attached
>>.  UPDATE:  On Saturday, March 21,  142 families went home on Saturday with grocery bags weighed down with beans and rice, milk and cereal, onions, potatoes, carrots, maseca, fruit and more.

>>.  For Georgina’s latest information about the post card writing and other current local and national information, ask to be included in her weekly mailing. (

>>.  I received the following from RAICES via Mark Swartz (

Thousands of lives are at risk right now because of COVID-19. Immigrants in detention centers across the country are being held in substandard conditions. Overcrowding, inadequate medical care, and lack of cleaning supplies mean those imprisoned in detention centers are at incredible risk of exposure to this virus.  An ICE employee tested positive last week in a New Jersey detention center. This week, a detainee at the same center was confirmed to  have the virus. People are going on hunger strikes to ensure they get access to soap. Others are already being quarantined and the government is building more quarantine detention centers, knowing an outbreak is likely.

Some 38,000 people are imprisoned in immigrant detention right now, including thousands of mothers, fathers, and children. All of them are at risk.

(RAICES) is suing the government to stop this. We filed a caselate on Saturday to get people out of detention immediately. The lawsuit seeks emergency release of all families being held in the family detention centers due to the imminent risk of an outbreak. Help us fund this fight.We know times are uncertain, but if you believe in the health and safety of our immigrant brothers and sisters, then please give what you can today.

1305 N. Flores
San Antonio, TX 78212

May you and/or families continue to stay well.

Gerry Rovner