>> Our next meeting via Zoom will be held on Monday, October 11 at 7:30pm.  Please send me any issues you wish that we discuss.  The Zoom address will be sent shortly. Beverly contacted the IINE (The International Institute of New England) and received a response.  It is too lengthy to attach to this email, but I will send it when I send the ZOOM meeting information.  We will discuss this at our Oct 11th meeting

 >> We will share space at the Needham Diversity table at the Harvest Fair, Sunday, Oct 3d from Noon – 4:00PM. Drop by to say hello. I hope to see you there.

>> As you may know, the Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that including Comprehensive Immigration Reform, including DACA relief,  in the Budget Reconciliation Bill is not appropriate.  However changing a process called “Registry” may pass muster for reconciliation. An Excellent article by Forbes is well worth reading for several reasons.  SEE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2021/09/22/immigrants-hope-registry-saves-immigration-bill/?sh=544db30eae3b&utm
>> Another Bostonian joins the Administration in a key immigration role:  In addition to Eva Millona, former CEO of MIRA, who is now Ass’t Secretary at Dept of Homeland Security, Kerry Doyle has been named Director of the Office of the Principle Legal Advisor at ICE:  Kerry Doyle will become its immigration enforcement agency’s top prosecutor. The office she will lead is the largest legal program within the Department of Homeland Security, with over 1,250 attorneys and 290 support personnel.  The Office of the Principal Legal Advisor sends its prosecutors to litigate deportation cases before the Immigration Court.  Doyle has been an outspoken critic of the agency and has led many lawsuits against it.  She is a graduate of the American University Washington School of Law, and George Washington University. She started her career as a legislative assistant to former U.S. Rep. Bob Wise (D-W.Va.), and became an attorney for Legal Services for Vietnamese Asylum Seekers in 1993. She was managing attorney for the International Institute of Boston from 1998 to 2001, before founding Graves & Doyle. The Office of the Principal Legal Advisor has control over whether immigrants are released from detention, what financial amounts — or bonds — are set for them to be released, or whether a lawsuit gets postponed.

>>CNN reports that  Biden administration takes new steps to preserve Obama-era DACA. SEE: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/27/politics/daca-biden-immigration/index.html
>> Sept 2d:  A federal judge declared unlawful the U.S. government’s turnbacks of asylum seekers arriving at ports of entry along the U.S southern border. The court ruled that the United States is required by law to inspect and process asylum seekers when they present themselves at ports of entry, and condemned the practice of denying access to the asylum process through metering and similar practices.  The decision came after oral arguments were held before the Southern District of California. The case, Al Otro Lado v. Mayorkas, was brought 4 years ago

>> Interested in learning why so many Haitians are flocking to the US?  Read the article by that title from the Washington Post SEE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/09/21/haiti-migrants-texas-border/
>> There is hope yet: The Arizona Mirror is reporting that a recent poll of Arizona voters across the political spectrum shows overwhelming support for a pathway to citizenship for some immigrants who meet certain conditions for eligibility, according to a poll released on September 23d.

>> Rinaz sent along the following article:  SEE: HUMAN RTS attached

>> MIRA has provided the following article: The Massachusetts Special Commission on Foreign-Trained Medical Professionals,  launched  its first public meeting!  I was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Commission for 25 years and we could get no action on the issue. This Commission will hopefully be a first step in establishing a method to alleviate the shortage in under-served areas. Read the short description above listing the Commission’s charge from the Legislature.

 >> Karen Price sent along the following information about what seems to be a very interesting lecture at the Kennedy Institute.     

Stay safe
Gerry Rovner