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The Children’s Clothing and Toy Drive will hold a one day special Collection Event at the Needham First Baptist Church. Details (including items/ ages and gender of children) are listed at link below to help select age appropriate toys, equipment, and clothing.


Sponsored by the local West Suburban Resettle Together (a group made up of Needham & Wellesley Faith Communities and Caring Individuals) and IINE (International Institute of New England assisting immigrants and refugees since 1919), this project needs the community’s support. Partnering with St. Paul’s Church in Bedford, this small local group wants to provide 50 immigrant children with the clothing and equipment necessary for an enjoyable and safe summer. These children and their families arrived over the past year primarily from Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Burundi, and Bhutan.

Additional drop off will take place during March and April. To coordinate additional donation efforts, please contact: jessicaday257@yahoo.com in Needham or mindy.perry@gmail.com in Wellesley

A bottle of sunscreen, a pair of shorts, or a small backyard kiddie pool would delight these children (ages 1 – 16). In addition, donated books will make summer reading enjoyable. New toys/equipment are preferred while new or almost new (gently used) summer clothing and books will be accepted.

This project will end on May 5 when the children and their families will attend a delightful afternoon of fun, games and snacks at IINE/Lowell; with local Resettle Together volunteers, the children will happily select and receive generously donated summer clothing and toys/beach equipment.

Spring Cleaning often means finding outgrown clothing and books buried in closets just waiting for these refugee children. As spring approaches, children’s dreams of summer are not very far behind.