This video shown on Democracy Now shows San Diego CBP agents encouraging and allowing Mexican teen, Cruz Velazquez, to drink from a bottle of liquid methamphetamine, which caused his death.

In 2013, the teen crossed the border with two bottles of liquid meth which he claimed to be apple juice. The agents, who suspected the liquid to be meth, repeatedly encouraged the teen to drink from the bottle. Minutes later, the teen’s body began convulsing and he complained in Spanish of heart pain. He died two hours later.

His younger sister Reina, speaks in this video about the cruelty of the agents for encouraging a young person to drink from a suspect bottle and laughing while they caused his death. The officers have not been disciplined and there was no apology or admission of wrongdoing. This is only one example of rampant abuse by CBP agents. John Carlos Frey, from the Nation Institute, also speaks about this tragedy and discusses the coersion of young people by cartels as well as the blatant abuse of agents in forcing a young person to drink the liquid rather than testing the substance as they had the ability to do.

Source: DemocracyNow!